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22 лет женщина, Зодиак: Лев, pharmacist, Lugansk, Украина
Английский(Хорошо), Русский(Свободно), Украинский(Свободно)
if you are reading these lines, then you are interested in me! and I want to tell you so much important! all this will be ahead. but the most important thing for me is reality and all I want to get is love! the most important thing in the world is love! everything else is just an app for love! How do you think?
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I don't care how old you are! and I do not care what faith you have! the most important thing is deep inside your heart! I'll try to find out! but if you give me the key to the door of your heart! I look forward to when we can talk about something real and I am waiting for you, my dear! Smile I'm waiting for you!

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