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57 y/o male, Zodiac: Aries, IT, Charlotte, USA
I am a calm person, lover of art in all its expressions (music, theater, photography, cinema etc.) I value and respect each of the people in my world around me. I am a person who likes to make happy all the people who are an important part of my life. I value the spiritual element of life as a guiding part of life.
I am a quiet man, so if that is a problem I may not be the man for you. I am sometimes flawed, not as attentive as you need and need to told I need to listen to what you have to say because it is important to you (a bat is optional as long as I can have a hard hat).
Ideal match description:
Smart, fit and easygoing woman to spend time with, I want to hold her hand and not need to to say anything at all. If your partner's dancing ability is on your "must have list" I fear you will need to throw me back in the water and start fishing for another. While I am willing to give it a try for my lady she is likely to have very sore feet.
I value kindness above most qualities in a woman and I want to be told when I have been unkind or hurtful to her, it is the lubricant that allows a relationship to function on a daily basis in my estimation, but especially when fighting. I also value compassion to the innocent and those who may have had a bad turn of events. These are the traits that I find most attractive in a woman.

I am not looking for Do Derick (a famous model from the 80s) here, I am, as we say in the States, looking for "the girl next door." That girl you rode bikes with as a child, who's mother called you by your full given name or the girl with whom you fought with over who was out in a ball game, threw water balloons at and then in your teens took to the high school dance, that girl is who I seek. She is my Guinevere. I do not need to see pictures of you in your lingerie to know your beauty, I will know her beauty when I first see her picture.

I have had a number of young women write me, some of them younger than my own adult daughter. I have to say it makes me quite uncomfortable.
I suppose I would prefer someone at least in the late thirties. While younger women have lovely qualities I think someone who has traveled life's journey a bit longer would be a better match with me. I mean no offense to the younger women.

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