Secure and fast payment

We accept all major credit cards online, via secure server. If you don't want to use a credit card, we offer a multitude of payment options, most of them you can use internationally.


Are credit card transactions secure?

In a nutshell, they are. We haven’t had a single case of credit card data theft since we started in 1997.

What follows is a more detailed answer. The credit card transactions on our site are as secure as they can be on the Internet. We process credit card data via our own secure server with SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) encryption as most businesses on the Intenet do. SSL browser encryption provided by Netscape Navigator and Internet Explorer keeps your credit card information private while it is transferred over the Internet. To ensure privacy, all the information you submit through our order form is transmitted in secure mode, not just the credit card details. Your credit card data is kept encrypted until it reaches your processing bank via a dedicated line. Only you, us, and the processing bank have access to the unencrypted credit card information.

Whether you shop on Yahoo, eBay, Amazon, or accessing your credit card statement online, you get exactly the same protocol - SSL encryption. SSL is probably the most common and reliable encryption protocol on the Web, which doesn’t mean, of course, that it is 100% secure. Given enough time, a person with the necessary skills can access pretty much any information on the web, but in this case, it’s rarely worth the effort, because it is almost impossible to buy something worth more than a hundred dollars or so using only the credit card details, but without possessing the card itself. Besides, with the majority of credit cards, you are not liable for the fraudulent use of your card information, or the maximum liability is $50.

For increased protection, we NEVER keep your credit card information on the server. Additionally, according to Visa and Mastercard regulations, we do not store the CVV code (the three or four digit security code on the back of your card) anywhere at all, and in most cases, credit card details are useless without it.

Your credit card details are stored, in encrypted form, only on our internal computers, and only for the purpose of assisting you if you have trouble processing your order on-line, or to issue refunds. We never charge your card without your authorization. No "recurring" charges, no membership fees. Guaranteed.