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  1. I am a very sociable, responsible and positive woman. I have charm and I always want to make everything around me cozy and pleasant. I have a very warm relationship with my family,... more about Alina from Kiev
    28 y/o female  Kiev, Ukraine
  2. It’s always the only one rule – TO BREAK THE RULESVery Happy With such strong motto I come to many things in my life. Therefore, I am spontaneous, courageous and do the things which I w... more about Katya from Kharkiv-Brody(Lviv region)
    22 y/o female  Kharkiv-Brody(Lviv region), Ukraine
  3. Desired Awesome Romanic Ideal A dventurous yes, it's all me)) and very shy one) I am Daria and I live in Kazakhstan. I have two younger sisters who are twins. My mom and da... more about Darya from Almaty
    21 y/o female  Almaty, Kazakhstan
  4. Are you ready to change your life?
    Trust Level -  100%
    I've been working since I was a little girl, I reached a stage in my life when I'm feeling myself very stable financially and can move to any part of the world that I want. So all ... more about Irina from Kiev
    29 y/o female  Kiev, Ukraine
  5. La_Perfection_ has a birthdayHi! Catch me, while I'm here)
    Trust Level -  90%
    I'm sure that if we are searching for anything - it's love) All those cars, jobs, fancy stuff and traveling... At least that's what I understood about myself! I require love and no... more about Tanya from Vynnitsa
    53 y/o female   Vynnitsa, Ukraine
  6. I am fire, I can feel it all over me. I am a woman created for love. I want my future partner to recognize and appreciate who I am. Conditions and principles irritate me. For me, ... more about Anna Maria from Lviv
    30 y/o female  Lviv, Ukraine
  7. it's never too late;)
    Trust Level -  92%
    I wasn't lucky to spend my life with the person I love. My husband died in the car crash and I was left alone with a little kid. That was a very tough period of my life. I didn't e... more about Lana from Nikolaev
    50 y/o female  Nikolaev, Ukraine
  8. I do consider myself attractive ..
    Trust Level -  100%
    I do consider myself attractive and intelligent person. I am feminine, curious, sometimes very spontaneous, but always romantic and loving 🥰 My life is more active than lazy, ... more about Emiliya from Baku
    42 y/o female  Baku, Azerbaijan
  9. I have a sweet temper.....
    Trust Level -  70%
    I’m not the kind of woman who will change her man as I believe people should always love each other for who they are not trying to change their beloved. I’m an intelligent... more about Irina from Kiev
    54 y/o female  Kiev, Ukraine
  10. ❤ I luv hugs ❤
    Trust Level -  100%
    I will try to be objective. I am a vivid, energetic, merry, and communicative person. I have a lot of friends in and outside Poltava. My family moved to Poltava in 2002 from the co... more about Yaroslava from Poltava
    45 y/o female  Poltava, Ukraine
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