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  1. It’s always the only one rule – TO BREAK THE RULESVery Happy With such strong motto I come to many things in my life. Therefore, I am spontaneous, courageous and do the things which I w... Mehr über Katya von Kharkiv-Brody(Lviv region)
    21 Jahre alt frau  Kharkiv-Brody(Lviv region), Ukraine
  2. I am a very sociable, responsible and positive woman. I have charm and I always want to make everything around me cozy and pleasant. I have a very warm relationship with my family,... Mehr über Alina von Kiev
    27 Jahre alt frau  Kiev, Ukraine
  3. Are you ready to change your life?
    Vertrauensstufe -  100%
    I've been working since I was a little girl, I reached a stage in my life when I'm feeling myself very stable financially and can move to any part of the world that I want. So all ... Mehr über Irina von Kiev
    28 Jahre alt frau  Kiev, Ukraine
  4. Simple, but true
    Vertrauensstufe -  100%
    I believe in love, in friendship, in common future, in trust, in kindness, in people. I am easy to talk to, not mean, smart, wit, fun. I enjoy cycling and jogging. I love swimmin... Mehr über Katya von Kyiv
    39 Jahre alt frau  Kyiv, Ukraine
  5. it's never too late;)
    Vertrauensstufe -  100%
    I wasn't lucky to spend my life with the person I love. My husband died in the car crash and I was left alone with a little kid. That was a very tough period of my life. I didn't e... Mehr über Lana von Nikolaev
    50 Jahre alt frau  Nikolaev, Ukraine
  6. 🦊Single🧡In the active search🧡 Successful in career 🧡 Living alone🧡Fit🧡 Open-minded 🧡 Naughty-hot🧡 Preferring real meeting 🧡 Love animals 🧡 Cook well 🧡 No bad habits 🧡 Have driving ... Mehr über Liana von Kyiv/Kharkiv
    45 Jahre alt frau  Kyiv/Kharkiv, Ukraine
  7. to share my heart and soul
    Vertrauensstufe -  51%
    A unique and exciting opportunity that was created for us - this dating site. So, I say "why not?" then Smile Do you believe that we should use this chance? It seems to be a place for... Mehr über Maryna von Kharkiv
    44 Jahre alt frau  Kharkiv, Ukraine
  8. I do consider myself attractive ..
    Vertrauensstufe -  100%
    I do consider myself attractive and intelligent person. I am feminine, curious, sometimes very spontaneous, but always romantic and loving 🥰 My life is more active than lazy, ... Mehr über Emiliya von Baku
    41 Jahre alt frau  Baku, Azerbaijan
  9. There are a lot of things I like to do, but most of all I like the exercises. I'm sure you already understood this 🖤 just by looking at my photos. I think this is important for bot... Mehr über Inna von Kharkiv
    52 Jahre alt frau  Kharkiv, Ukraine
  10. I have a sweet temper.....
    Vertrauensstufe -  70%
    I’m not the kind of woman who will change her man as I believe people should always love each other for who they are not trying to change their beloved. I’m an intelligent... Mehr über Irina von Kiev
    53 Jahre alt frau  Kiev, Ukraine
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